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I was one day rushing through the streets trying to reach the Mall, I had to buy something from Woolworth’s when I was stopped by a teenager who had a Hello Fresh t-shirt on and was trying to get his forms filled. I really wonder why I filled up the Hello fresh form but hey I guess I really did the right things that day. Maybe the promotion of the Hello Fresh coupon codes attracted my attention or it can be something else.

Hello Fresh is my safe haven now when it comes to experimenting with food from other parts of the world. I once saw some body from our building ordering the hello fresh package. After filling out the form yesterday I got an email informing me that I had just received their Hello Fresh discount codes, I thought it might not be that bad to give this brand a try and instantly clicked on the online store to place my order.

Hello fresh has a while menu lounged in and you can choose from a range of categories, I was thinking of trying something Indian and checked into the prawn curry masala on the menu. My order was finalized and I was given half an hour delivery time.

At exact 3 minutes before the delivery deadline I got my fresh ingredients right at my doorstep and I also got a Hello Fresh Coupon code for my future shopping. I unpacked my ingredients and easily started following all the instructions given to me through the hello fresh team in the form of a pamphlet.

I never knew I would be good enough at compiling a whole meal just by reading through a piece of paper. All the things written in the process section were so easy to follow that it took me hardly twenty minutes to put the food on and my food was be ready in the next ten minute. I realized cooking after all was not those hard thanks to all the easy steps and instructions given to me by Hello Fresh.

After fully enjoying my meal I thought Hello Fresh deserves a good review and that’s exactly what I did. I wrote a good review for them as I was one of their happiest customers that day. To return the favor of the review that I had written for them, Hello fresh sent me markdowns for their next new menus. Now that’s what I call a good customer service.


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